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Alphabet flash cards by Genevra Bell


With 10+ game variations for varying ages.



Below are 10 variations for different games to play with the flashcards.



-Alphabet flash cards:

Turn over each card and have the child identify the letters and objects on each card. For younger children: You say the letter and they repeat after you.

{Children 3-6, turn over each card and have the child identify the pictures and then the letter on each card. For younger children or those new to English, it helps to emphasize or simply say the sound when having them guess}



-Memory game:

Lay cards out in a grid face-down. Have child flip over each card to match its mate.

{Ages 3-4 do 8-12 card grids and 5-6 ages 14+. }



-Basic spelling game:

Spell out basic words with the cards. For older children: you say a word and they put the cards together to spell the word. {Ages 4-6}



-I find: Turn over a card from a deck. Find an object in the room that starts with that letter. Repeat. {Ages 3-6}



-Hide and seek: Hide cards in the room under objects that have a corresponding letter. H goes under a hat, B in a boot etc. Variation: Have child put each card in/on a corresponding object.

{Ages 3-6}



-Alphabet in order:

Child puts all cards in alphabetical order then sings the alphabet song to check if they are correct.

{Ages 3-6. Please note: Montessori philosophy teaches letter sounds before names (easier retention for reading and spelling), so if your child is in a Montessori school you may choose to wait until age 5)



-Show me:

Parent says a letter and child has to shuffle through a pile and find the correct matching card.

{Ages 3-5}




Child writes out each letter as they are turned over from the deck. For younger children, show the child how to write out the letter first. {Ages 3-4 with aid, 5-6 on their own}




Turn over a card from the deck. Child has to draw something that begins with that letter. Is it just a squiggle? That’s ok. Have your child tell you what they are drawing (even if it looks like a squiggle to you). {Ages 4-6}



-Acting and movement: Flip over a card and act out the animal or object on each card. Hop like a R-rabbit. Put on your H-hat on. Etc. {Ages 2-6}



-Guessing game:

Cover up the letter on each card exposing only the animals. Have the child tell you what letter belongs there. Variation: Cover the animals with your hand instead of the letter.

{Ages 3-4}