A Very Strange Adventure Activity Book

A Very Strange Adventure Activity Book



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Help different animal characters complete tasks while traveling on a very strange adventure!
Complete with a spaghetti maze, vegetable word puzzle and 22 pages of drawings to draw and color on...all created and designed by me, Genevra Bell.

But what age range is this for?:
The book can be used as 'just a coloring book' for younger children (all the images are line drawings ready to be drawn and scribbled on), but for older kids there are design challenges such as "make a symbol for Admiral Tiger's ship", or "can you draw yourself in your adventuring clothes?".

And more importantly:
There 'aint no princesses here! Instead this book is packed with little girls holding beakers, paintbrushes and hammers and little boys depicted as artists and archeologists. I designed this activity book to help expand and lead children's imaginations by giving them room to draw and play on the pages.

I know...fun stuff, right!?
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    Printed in the U.S. on thick paper for maximum coloring fun.